About Us

About Us

RedBird LED was founded in 2006 as an engineering company, RedBird Technologies, Inc. doing custom electro-optical design and machine vision projects for commercial clients. The founder, Jonathan Eppstein, has advanced degrees in both electrical engineering and applied mathematics.  He is also the inventor on more than 220 issued and pending US and international patents covering inventions related to LED Lighting technology, design and manufacturing processes, LED/Laser Distance Measurement, Non-Invasive Optical Measurement of Analytes in Humans, Transdermal Drug Delivery, LED Retrofit Systems, Thermal Management of LEDs in a Compact Fixture and High Efficiency Optical Systems for LED Fixtures.

In 2009, RedBird LED narrowed its focus in product development to retrofit systems for the huge installed base of 4’ fluorescent tubes in the commercial, industrial and governmental segments    This effort ultimately produced the Cardinal® LED Tube Light, which became, in 2012, the first LED tube light to be awarded Qualification by the Design Lights Consortium, making the Cardinal the first (and only for > 8 months) LED tube eligible for utility funded rebates.   Also in 2012, The Cardinal Tube Light was selected by the Illumination Engineering Society (IES) Progress Committee for recognition as a “Significant Advancement in the Art and Science of Lighting.”   In 2014 RedBird LED products held the top three highest efficacy (Light output/Watt consumed) positions on the Design Lights Consortium’s Qualified Products List. 

Our Stripit Kit® Retrofit Product line was introduced at LightFair in May 2014.  This innovative and patented new product line goes even further than the Cardinal tubes in ease of installation, even higher efficacy for greater energy savings, wider eligibility for utility rebate programs, flexible placement within the fixtures to ensure optimal photometrics, consistent and diffuse fixture illumination, and an industry-leading 10 year replacement warranty.    And, our Stripit Kits are Made in the USA!

RedBird LED announced two new Product lines at the 2015 Light Fair conference:

Cardinal® High Bay Fixtures – utilize our highest efficacy LED Strip technology, our High Bay fixtures offer both Wide Beam and Narrow (aisle) Beam distribution patterns, offer up to 41,000 lm using just 264W, are made of customer Aluminum extrusions, are dimmable, will interface to most common sensors.   These Made in the USA fixtures carry a full 10 year warranty.

Cardinal® Linear Ambient Fixtures – these 4 foot long fixtures, which can be surface mounted or cable-hung,  can deliver up to 6,820 lm using just 44W of electricity.  Made in USA.   Full 10 year warranty.

To discuss your next lighting project, email our team at: [email protected], or call us at 678.RED-BIRD